How to Make 2018 Your YEAR! Or Something....

If I could get through a January without hearing this slogan – I’d be a happy camper. But everyone seems to think that last year was not my year, so now this year has to be… or something!

So here’s our obligatory 2018 ‘your year’ post –2018 How to Use Teleconferencing in 2018 for your business!

In all seriousness, it is getting tough out there….. whether you’re all small, medium or big business, there is a push to do more more more for your customers, for less less less.  Not to mention the expectations that social media puts of business (especially us in the small business category) to post fresh content all the time, and keep up with our competitors (*apology, this post may not meet that expectation!).

It is now up to businesses to work smarter – and do more, faster, with less.  Although pretty ‘old school’ from a technology perspective, we think teleconferencing is still pretty relevant and can help your business innovate in 2018.

Team meetings. Do you have staff in other cities? Or staff on the road?  A daily, or weekly conference call can help your team get on the same page, and keep up to date with each other’s movements.

Remote staff.  Are your staff hinting towards a more flexible work/life balance? Offering staff work from home might be a great way to retain talented staff and increase work satisfaction rates in your office.  Use teleconferencing to ensure that remote staff and ‘work from home’ staff stay in the loop and connected to their teammates.

Boards.  Does your business have a Board or exec team?  Do they like to have a bit of a chat if left to their own devices?  Keep them on topic with a teleconference instead of so many meetings.  People tend to want to get conference calls over and done with, so business gets done quicker via teleconference.  Reduce travel costs by having the Board meet bi-monthly with teleconferences in between to save some time and resources.  They will thank you for the initiative!

All in all, people have a love/hate relationship with teleconferencing, but at the end of the day, we know that teleconferencing (when done right, more to come on this subject!) is a great way to save your businesses most precious resources – time and money!

Oh, and PS: did you know our system can also call your participants into the conference call? Our outbound dialling facility means that we can help get your calls started on time! Want to know more? Get in touch today!

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