The primary goal of Greymouse Teleconference is to provide standard telephony services to business such as teleconferencing and webinars at a price that business can afford. Greymouse Teleconference focuses on Price, Quality & Customer Service.

Multi-use Teleconferencing Service

Our teleconferencing service has been designed to cater for all types of teleconferencing needs. Some of these examples are:

  • Project Coordination
  • Investor Relations / Quarterly Earnings Announcements
  • Board of Directors Meetings
  • Company Addresses
  • Press Conferences
  • Legal Applications
  • Operations Meetings
  • Sales Meetings
  • Crisis Management
  • Training Seminars
  • Continuing Education
  • Market Research

This flexibility is possible because our features are modular (you can turn them off or on).

Web page Interface

All of our options can be enabled/disabled through the web page interface. You can: Create conferences & Edit conferences Monitor, add, kick & Mute Participants Access old conference logs & download recordings. Hold multiple conference calls at any time, saving you time and making conference calls easier to arrange.

To join or start a meeting

  1. Dial a telephone number
  2. Enter a security code
  3. Start talking

Two Security Codes (Optional)

There are two security codes:

  • The participant code you give to the people attending your meeting
  • The moderator code can identify when to start the meeting. (Participants will hear music)
  • There can be multiple moderators

Telephone Numbers & Codes

Phone numbers are the same for every meeting. The meeting identifying number can change. (Scheduling recurring meetings is an option)

After the Teleconference

Download a recording of the meeting Invoices show details of your meetings including who was in the conference, and for how long.


Greymouse Teleconference is a "Dial-In & Dial-Out" audio conferencing service established to revolutionise the teleconferencing industry in Australia & New Zealand by offing an alternative option to the traditional teleconferencing providers (Telstra, Optus, etc). One of the common problems with conference services is that the customer dials into the system, incurring the cost to dial from their phone to the conference service. Our solution... we will dial you, at no extra cost!*. There are no ongoing contracts, fee extras or hidden charges - you only pay for what you use at any one time. And better yet... If you don't like booking, you don't have to, just create the conference & add your users.

What is Teleconferencing

Teleconferencing is where multiple phone lines are “bridged” (can talk to each other simultaneously). The Greymouse Teleconferencing server links each party in the same call.

Inbound VS Outbound Dialling

Greymouse Teleconference offers the standard service of dialling a local number to join a conference. However, this means the person making the connection is paying the carrier costs to dial that number (E.G. STD / International call cost). To solve this problem, we created a service that you enter the phone number of the user you want to add, and we dial them, to their specified telephone number. Meaning you are charged less than your standard carrier to our number (because we are making more calls we get cheaper rates, and pass that cost saving to YOU).

Self Hosted Conferences

We have created a user-friendly web page system that allows an internet novice to completely manage their conference right the way through from signup to billing. Because you are the conference manager and the systems are automated this cost saving is passed directly to you.

Support Services

Supporting our customers is important to us, that’s why we have a dedicated support service to help you anywhere along the process. Our support services operate 24/7/365.

Greymouse VS The Competition

Greymouse Teleconference differs in a lot of areas, and yet we are the same in many as well. First, we use similar teleconferencing platforms as other providers use for their teleconferencing. So you’re getting all of the standard features you would expect. What makes us difference is our ability to customise our system, we have integrated a “Call You” feature (for Greymouse Teleconference to dial your number) & a direct Skype-to-Skype service. Take a look at our prices page to compare providers. We provide more detailed itemised information relating to your conferences on your Invoice.

All Features Available

  • Max limit on Participants
  • Timed Conferences
  • Permanent Conference
  • Recurring Conferences
  • Invite Participants- (Email Invitation)
  • Call Participants- (Outbound Calling)
  • Announce Name
  • Listen Only Mode / Join Muted
  • Toll-Free Number Access
  • Wait for host to arrive (Music), or Open Conference
  • Play tone on enter & leave tones / Silent
  • Conference recording - Free Download
  • User PIN
  • User Menu
  • Mute/UnMute
  • Moderator PIN
  • Moderator Menu

Limit Participants The number of parties which can participate in the conference can be set to a predefined limit.

Limit Duration The duration of the conference can be set to a predefined limit. A message will be played into the conference 5 minutes before the time limit advising the impending closure.

Join Muted Guests entering the conference will only be able to listen and not talk once they are in the conference. This option prevents background noises in larger meetings.

User PIN This restriction is placed on the guests who call into your system, this is a protection for security and billing purposes and is recommended to be used. Examples of turning this option off would be for a business to customer product release or a free seminar/conference event.

User Menu This allows the end users to mute and unmute themselves, and also adjust speaker volume and microphone volume. * No extra cost applies To LAN lines only, mobiles and international numbers will have additional fee's